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  • The FrameWork Logic tools provide comprehensive support for FPGA signal processing development in MATLAB and RTL for Innovative Integration products. The logic development cycle is shortened by building application logic within the FrameWork Logic hardware layer using pre-written and verified IP cores. The MATLAB tools provide a powerful graphical block diagram environment for the rapid design of custom IP cores. The RTL tools complement the MATLAB environment and provide the flexibility of a high-level language. The tested high level signal processing can be seamlessly integrated with VHDL in the same project, allowing you to work with the tools best suited for the job.
    • MATLAB and VHDL Board Support Packages
    • Comprehensive hardware support and tools for signal processing
    • Hardware inteface layer design structure allows rapid integration of application-specific code
    • Designed to support real-time signal processing and data acquisition
    • Reference designs illustrating hardware use
    • High Speed Signal Processing Development for FPGAs
  • The MATLAB® / LabVIEW™ Library is a powerful, feature-rich software library designed to meet the challenge of developing data acquisition applications using MATLAB® or LabVIEW™ on the PC.
    • Driver to use Adc and Dac boards under LabVIEW™ or MATLAB®
    • Use Innovative boards easily in LabVIEW™ or MATLAB® without writing C code
    • Support for XU, XA, FMC, X6, X3 families
    • Support for 32/64 bit operating system
    • Functions to:
    • Open and close device drivers
    • Configure clock, trigger, channels and alerts
    • Acquire data from Adc(s) stream
    • Send data to Dac(s) stream
    • Access digital IO
    • Supplied as both source code and executable
    • For use in LabVIEW™ the library is supplied as a DLL and VI’s
    • For use in MATLAB® the library is supplied as a DLL
    • Driver makes full use of boards onboard memory for fast acquisition and playback
    • No cost to download and use
    • Future support for Linux
    • Rapid Application Development
  • Malibu is a powerful, feature-rich software library designed to meet the challenge of developing software capable of high-speed data flow and real-time signal analysis on the PC. Malibu adds high performance data acquisition and data processing capabilities to Microsoft Visual C++, CodeGear or GNU C++ applications with a complete set of functions that solve data movement, analysis, viewing, logging and fully take advantage of the object-oriented nature of C++.
    • C++ Development software for Data Acquisition/DSP
    • Multiple compilers supported. Precompiled static libraries:
    • Windows: MSVC++ 2010-2017 and GNU C++
    • Linux: GNU C++
    • Multiple IDEs supported. Project examples with source:
    • Windows: MSVC++ .NET, Embarcadero XE, QtCreator
    • Linux: QtCreator
    • Support for the latest Innovative Integration products
    • Comprehensive class library for:
    • Data Acq, Analysis, Display & Recording
    • Compatible with Windows Server, Windows 7 through 10 plus many Linux distros that are regularly updated for current support (tested under CentOS)
    • Rapid Application Development