Timing Products

Precision Sampling Rate Generation and Triggering Controls with GPS and High Precision Reference

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  • The X3-Timing is an XMC I/O module with precision, low-noise clock generation and distribution. The module has 4 output clocks and four output triggers as well as a clock/reference input and a trigger input. The X3-Timing can also act as a system timing card in PXI systems, providing the reference clock, sample clocks and triggering.
    • Clock generation and distribution
    • Four single-ended clock outputs
    • External clock/reference input
    • Low jitter: 0.2 ps jitter RMS
    • Programmable 1.5 kHz to 1 GHz range
    • 10 MHz, 1 ppm frequency reference
    • Optional GPS-disciplined reference
    • Indoor GPS reception under most conditions
    • Four programmable trigger outputs
    • Supports PXI DSTAR, DCLKA, DCLKB, triggers and local bus
    • External trigger input
    • Instant-on configuration
    • XMC Module (75x150 mm) 
    • PCI Express (VITA 42.3)
    • Sample clock generation for high speed data acquisition applications
    • Sample clock generation for multi-channel systems
    • Synchronization for distributed systems
    • GPS-coordinated systems
    • Timing Generation (Analog cover and heatsink removed.)
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