Rapid Application Development Libraries for Data Acquisition and DSP

Malibu is a powerful, feature-rich software library designed to meet the challenge of developing software capable of high-speed data flow and real-time signal analysis on the PC. Malibu adds high performance data acquisition and data processing capabilities to Microsoft Visual C++, CodeGear or GNU C++ applications with a complete set of functions that solve data movement, analysis, viewing, logging and fully take advantage of the object-oriented nature of C++.


  • C++ Development software for Data Acquisition/DSP
  • Multiple compilers supported. Precompiled static libraries:
  • Windows: MSVC++ 2010-2017 and GNU C++
  • Linux: GNU C++
  • Multiple IDEs supported. Project examples with source:
  • Windows: MSVC++ .NET, Embarcadero XE, QtCreator
  • Linux: QtCreator
  • Support for the latest Innovative Integration products
  • Comprehensive class library for:
  • Data Acq, Analysis, Display & Recording
  • Compatible with Windows Server, Windows 7 through 10 plus many Linux distros that are regularly updated for current support (tested under CentOS)


  • Rapid Application Development
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Harnessing the expressive power of the modern, graphical, integrated development environments, Malibu offers the most powerful and flexible tools to rapidly integrate high-end data processing in Windows and Linux applications. This class library offers an excellent means to application engineers for synchronizing host side data movement and processing with hardware-driven data that is transferred to/from DSP or data acquisition cards. Malibu simply delivers the highest performance data streaming achievable on a desktop or industrial PC.

Rapid application development is achieved using principles such as reusable C++ classes, visual application and form design and full-bandwidth direct hardware access. Malibu is an environment that allows you to create any high-performance applications running under Windows or Linux.